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Chicago winter

enjoy this hilarious parody!


NU Wildcats in Berkeley

Some photos from our recent trip to Berkeley, for the opening game between Northwestern and California.



And the unusual sight of a barren Bay Bridge (it was closed to traffic over the Labor Day weekend):



two of our renowned sports journalists (and NU Medill alums), Michael Wilbon and Christine Brennan:



Beat Cal

Some hype from Lake the Posts about tomorrow’s season opener between the Wildcats and California-Berkeley.

Only the second time they have met, the first being our victory in the 1949 Rose Bowl.


Go Cats.


Chicago in fog

No, not a metaphor.  Actually, pictures of Chicago on an unusually foggy morning.



Lake the Posts blog for your Northwestern Wilcats fix

The blog of record for all things Purple athletic.

This is the remarkable creation of NU alum and TeamWorks Media founder, Jay Sharman.  I met him at the Meineke Car Care Bowl in December ’11 (where we came up short against the pre-Johnny Football Texas A&M Aggies).  His support for the Cats is deep and infectious.  Last evening, we gathered with LTP fans at a local watering hole to hear from some great Wildcat QBs and to help build some esprit de corps as to go into this season of, with apologies with Charles Dickens, “great expectations.”

Opening kickoff is Saturday evening as we take on my old employer, the University of California Berkeley Golden Bears.

Let’s show some NU Law love for the Cats.


Smart kids, gridiron glory

That’s the way we roll at Northwestern.

Great SI story on the “revenge of the nerds.”  This says great things about our program (as well as the programs at some other elite academic institutions) and also about the commitment of coaches, athletic directors, and university leaders to the ideal, often scoffed at to be sure, of the “student athlete.”

Something to be proud of at NU; something to which other colleges and universities should aspire.

Go Cats.


Don’t look now, but Chicago’s late summer weather is awesome

Take a look, friends joining us at Northwestern (and other Chicagoland institutions) in the coming weeks.


Something worth pointing out, given the bumper sticker view of Chicago as windy, chilly city.  Sunny, pleasant summer, sublime fall . . . that’s a bunch of months before hunkering down for the white winter.

The tradeoff is worth it.  And this coming from a native Californian . . .



Wildcat football — one month and counting!

northwestern_football_helmetComing off an historic season — 10 wins, bowl victory, monkey off the NU back.  Looking forward to another (even better?) year.

In windup to new season, here is a shout out to the superb NU athletics blog, Lake the Posts.  You can, as I do, get your news about every important aspect of the Wildcats sports year from LTP.


Dear Karma police

With the wind chill temperature in Chicago at -9 currently, I take back all my gloating in my December post about warm winters and how I was a good luck charm.

Mea culpa, Mr. Frosty.


Warm Chicago!

chicagoWhile I would like to think I have brought to Northwestern and Chicagoland bold, imaginative ideas for the present and future of legal education, I expect that my signal contribution thus far has been warm weather.  As I understand it, we are two days away from breaking the all-time Chicago record for days without snow.  It has been a rather mild winter thus far and last year, of course, saw one of the mildest winters on record.

If this is all there is to winter in the windy city, all my fears have been allayed!

While we remain under balmy conditions, I will happily take all credit for this situation.  (And you’ll hear precious little from me on the subject when (if?) the weather takes a snowy turn).

Meanwhile, please enjoy the crisp Fall-esque weather and the holiday look and feel of Chicago.