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June 15, 2014

World Cup blogging, day 4: Coulda been a contender (and perhaps still will)

by Dan Rodriguez

Yesterday Uruguay is thrashed by Costa Rica. Didn’t see that one coming. Impressive performance on both sides of the pitch by Costa Rica. Thinking too far ahead, England-Uruguay matchup is an intriguing one. I wouldn’t count Uruguay out of the Cup just right now.

Ivory Coast’s win over Japan was more dominant than the score indicates. While IC’s trouble in both halves in finding the goal is, well, a bit troubling, they have an impressive attack. And they manage to do much without cheap fouls and (relatively speaking) much theatrical flourishes. I stand by my depiction of them as a decent contender to go far.

Today is about contenders. An impressive Switzerland squad; perennial power France (looking for redemption after the travesty of 2010), and a Messi-led Argentina team. All three excellent all-around teams; all three primed to escape the first round with clear victories. I will say that all three of their opponents will be fortunate to put up two goals among them.

Here is a wonderful collage of WC photos courtesy of Huffington Post.

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