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June 13, 2014

Exclusive DBR World Cup blogging: day 2

by Dan Rodriguez

You’ll want to check out this blog for World Cup ruminations over the next month.

Here is what you should know for the purposes of my own street cred in this regard:

Yesterday, I began my World Cup pick ’em pool by correcting picking the exact score (3-1) of the Brazil v. Croatia match.  So, as of right now, I am 100% accurate in your WC forecasting.

Now, so far as yesterday is concerned, Brazil’s performance was, to me, a so-so endeavor.  Flat in the first half (not including the “own goal” that gave Croatia a temporary taste of what might be).  More European than Southern American in affect, in offense, and in attitude, the first half was an inauspicious beginning to what promises to be an exciting world cup.

Inexplicably, Croatia was cold during the second half and Brazil had its way in the last 50 minutes.  Apart from a meaningless last-minute goal, Brazil could put only one penalty-kick goal (on a dubious call) in during a lackluster second period.  Neymar yes, but Brazil needs to show more.

Today:  Mexico begins on shaky ground — shaky because of their terrible road to qualifying, and shaky because apparently the Dunas arena in Natal has major construction defects.  Egad.  That said, Cameroon ought to put up a decent fight.

UPDATE:  My prediction is 1-1 Mexico-Cameroon draw.


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