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January 13, 2014

Law school of big shoulders

by Dan Rodriguez

(I’ll trust readers to get the “shoulders” reference.)

After an early January of quite wacky weather, Northwestern Law has moved past the polar vortex — or perhaps it is more accurate to say the reverse is true.  We have begun classes a couple days late, but with an undaunted amount of optimism about the spring term to come.  For second-semester 3Ls, I can say that we wish you the best as you begin your final semester in law school and focus, undoubtedly, on the transition looming before you.  For second-semester 1Ls, congrats on finishing your first term and best to you as you sharpen your focus on law school beyond the beginning.  Last, but not least, for second-semester 2Ls, you are halfway through!!

The remarkable energy at NU Law peers out from the snow and shows itself in the vital academic work of the faculty, the extraordinary public service contributions of our students, the new and renewed modalities of experiential learning in our legal clinic, the focus on exemplary teaching throughout the law school, and great achievements of our alumni, and the often unsung contributions of our able staff.

I can certainly see the energy manifest in the hard work of all those involved in our strategic planning efforts, efforts which focus on curriculum, new academic initiatives, outreach, law school economics, and student life.  We have very high hopes for these efforts and a resolute commitment to putting these great ideas into action.

A little ice and snow doesn’t get us down.  We just put on an extra layer of clothes, heavier gloves, and go forth to do good things — to make big plans and also small contributions, all in the unbending, incomparable city of Chicago.

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