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January 8, 2014

Legal Education at the Crossroads

by Dan Rodriguez

The Association of American Law Schools just concluded its annual meeting, and despite the less than stellar weather, the event was a big success.

As the 2014 President of the AALS, I addressed the meeting of the House of Representatives on Saturday, January 4, 2014. My remarks focused on the guiding notion of my presidency, the idea of “Legal Education at the Crossroads.” We are indeed at a crossroads, and we must consider the challenges we face as opportunities to undertake meaningful reform. Happily, this is happening. Some of the most interesting and potentially most transformative developments in legal education today are experiments—ideas that emerge from bold choices and acute imagination—often borne of necessity. These “disruptive innovations” will bring meaningful change in the long run, and I call upon my colleagues to collaborate broadly and creatively, and make good use of the great wisdom in our community.

For an unabridged copy of my remarks: 2014 AALS Presidential Address [pdf]

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