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November 27, 2013

Legal service providers come to law school

by Dan Rodriguez

Interesting description by Bill Henderson (Indiana-B) on course on disruption and LPOs.

Two cheers from me for this.

Yes, law students would benefit of having some exposure to the trends in legal outsourcing and efficiency-enhancing companies and products.  And I like the strategy of having students do research and make presentations (by contrast to, say, having a dog-and-pony show of the companies presenting).

However, in the law school setting, given precious time we have to provide education about law and legal skills, focusing on businesses that disrupt traditional modalities of legal services seems something to come later, not during, legal education.  Don’t get me wrong; educating our students about law and the legal profession requires attention to how law and the profession is changing.  But this is best grounded, to me, in what skills our new lawyers can be and ought to be expected to provide.  Perhaps let them imagine what the LPO market looks like from a deep immersion in “what lawyers need and ought to do” rather than focus explicitly on the companies and their service models.

Still and all, two cheers are warranted.  These efforts help students better understand how our professional world is changing rapidly and, too, how business savvy folks are capitalizing on (and profiting from) these changes.

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