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November 6, 2013

NU Law strategic planning process enters Phase II!

by Dan Rodriguez

We have put together five valuable working groups to develop initiatives and to map up our objectives, metrics, and implementation steps in order to develop a comprehensive, ambitious strategic plan.  Many years we have been saying that we are building the great law school for a changing world, and we have been taking concrete steps to do exactly that.  This strategic planning endeavor will give us the foundation and the collective enthusiasm to truly realize these bold goals.

The working groups are:  Curriculum, Academic Programs and Initiatives, Student Life, Outreach, and Economics.  In the coming weeks, leaders of these groups will be reaching out to myriad stakeholders, including alumni, for input and feedback about the direction of our thinking.  Meanwhile, I welcome your views directly.  E-mail me with your thoughts.

Our vision is a broad and deep one.  We have specific, meaningful goals, both with respect to providing  world-class training for our law students and with respect to developing strategies of legal education and public service which contribute to the well-being of the economy and of society.  Our strategic plan will be built coherently around the twin goals of educating great lawyers and contributing to the world through our manifest commitments to justice, creative, interdisciplinary research at the highest levels, and the building of bridges across the too-often separate spaces of law, business, and technology.  We will leverage existing resources and strengths to build upon our tradition of distinction.  And we will also create and innovate.  Big plans, focused strategies, hard work, all in the direction of improving our great law school.

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