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October 15, 2013

Deus ex machina? Or just shoddy predictions?

by Dan Rodriguez

Flawed analysis here.

This kind of reporting is particularly destructive, as it manufactures some sort of analysis of future tuition trends as though law school tuition choices are on auto-pilot.  Northwestern has committed to modest tuition increases, much lower than in years past.  There are some encouraging reasons to believe that peer schools are doing likewise.  And, in the case of at least a few law schools, tuition has gone the other direction.

Let’s be constructive, folks, about an issue that is of deep significance to the well-being of law schools, prospective law students, and the legal profession.  Tuition increases at the level of the past several years are no longer sustainable.  Responsible law schools will respond.  The pseudo-science of “The Law School Tuition Bubble” tuition prediction is both inaccurate and inflammatory.

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