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October 15, 2013

A most interesting job search, shedding light on (a part of) our future

by Dan Rodriguez

From the always interesting and provocative Bill Henderson:  Here a job description for a “Legal Solutions Architect.”

The interesting question to me is how it might be that the JD degree, the training received for this degree, would be superior to, in salient ways, the training of an MBA.  This is a hard question law schools will need to answer.  How can law schools be better at the precise training for which this intriguing position is designed than can U.S. business schools?  Answering this question requires us to get out of our comfort zones and look with focus and sophistication at how modern legal training develops capacities for the kinds of creative, inquisitive, multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary work to which this position at a major law firm aspires.

Also interesting is the way that this position pushes hard against the trope that “JD Advantaged” category is, at heart, a scam and an evasion.  In the future, law schools will want to develop professions of both varieties — those who are credentialed into the universe of lawyers practicing law, as the relevant bar authorities define this (unstable?) category and, separately, those whose sophisticated, eclectic training in law school suits them to add value in law firm and business settings.

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