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August 16, 2013

(south)westward ho!

by Dan Rodriguez

On a short adventure to Houston (and then to Denver).

Perhaps not natural to think of Chicagoland and Houston in the same breath, for all sorts of reasons I will leave to readers’ imagination.  But those in the know are bullish (!) about Houston legal market and business community.  This is a vibrant, economically prosperous region of the country, with significant progress in the legal market.  Of course, much of this stems from the energy of the energy biz.

Houston transplants, and also natives, speak glowingly of the strong opportunities for lawyers in excellent law firms on the one hand and the advantages of a major metropolitan area (with the cultural amenities befitting such a city).

When our superb Northwestern law graduates think of pursuing professional opportunities outside the Midwest and the two coasts, they should think about Texas.


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