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December 10, 2012

Los Angeles visits

by dan rodriguez

Pleased to be in southern California this week for meetings with distinguished Northwestern law alumni.  This is a top market for our grads and, naturally, we are represented well in law firms and corporations throughout the region.

This morning, we had a good meeting with alum partner at major multi-national firm, reflecting upon the challenges facing young lawyers in this new era.  He emphasized, as have other well-positioned alums, the importance of developing serious quantitative skills as preparation for transactional partice.  Also, law students should learn the skills necessary to interact constructively with clients, interactions both written and verbal.  This skill-building has long been a strength of Northwestern law school and we continue to refine our curriculum and programs to accomplish these critical objectives.

So far as our footprint in Los Angeles is concerned, we look forward to building our alumni club in the area and to providing opportunities and incentives for our LA alums to network with one another.  And we certainly do look forward to seeing them when they pass through Chicagoland.

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