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November 20, 2012

Decline in LSAT takers

by dan rodriguez

According to latest data, LSAT administrations are down from 18% last year.  Several consecutive years of decline.  This is a phenomenon that, to me, is neither bad nor bad, but just reflects the difficult choices students make in the face of the contemporary legal market.  As I and others have said in various fora, law schools need to be creative and bold in dealing with these challenges.  And Northwestern Law School needs to be proactive in explaining why it represents an extraordinary value proposition in this complex environment.  We expect our law school applicants to ask hard questions of us and to expect adaptations in both our economic model and in our curricular program.  Meetings these student demands is at the core of true innovation.

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting as part of a series I can “Innovations in Action.”  These will be descriptions of some of the steps we have taken during the last year to adapt to the new normal and, indeed, steps we have taken to truly lead in the midst of this dynamic change.

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