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June 5, 2012

Welcome AJD students, class of ’14

by dan rodriguez

Just two weeks ago we welcomed our new class of law students in our unique accelerated JD program.  The only program of its kind among top schools in the U.S., the AJD provides an opportunity for thorough legal study in a concentrated format.  This is neither a part-time program (to put it mildly!) nor a program run in any way peripheral to Northwestern Law School’s general JD program.  AJD students take core law school courses, taught by regular faculty, and have myriad opportunities to pursue intracurricular and extracurricular projects, including law journals, clinics, advocacy programs, and so on.

Configured on an experimental basis just four years ago, we have reaffirmed our institutional commitment to this program through faculty action earlier this spring.  The marketplace is telling us that this experiment is paying great dividends.  AJD graduates, generally more experienced when they come in the door, are employed in a variety of legal and business settings.  Employers find these students exceptionally well-prepared, mature, and focused.

I have spoken on this blog about the imperative of creative rethinking of the standard legal education model.  The AJD program is one example among many of how we are practicing what we preach at Northwestern Law.

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