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May 27, 2012


Chicago adventures revisited

by dan rodriguez

In the early days (less than 1/2 year ago!!) of this blog, I promised posts on Chicago adventures.  Indeed, a few restaurant reviews and comments on the much-maligned Northwestern Wildcats sports teams found their way into these hallowed pages.  Alas, however, the pace of travel and imperative of describing and discussing many valuable bits of news about our law school has crowded out reflections on the city of big shoulders.  But, as the spring turns slowly to summer, I am ready to return my gaze to this glorious city and see what is has to offer to a still-new transplant.

But let me start with an open-ended question, hopefully in the interest of generating some worthwhile comments:

What do you experienced Chicagoeans recommend to me (and to our new students — especially those who are starting this month) by way of Chicago experiences?  I welcome your thoughts.  And I will be back at you with some of my own observations, reflections, and, yes, reviews.



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  1. Neal
    Jun 2 2012

    Good blog, we will win more


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