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May 21, 2012

Seattle alumni making their mark

by dan rodriguez

Our “bus” tour continued through the pacific northwest, with a quick stop in Portland to meet with a remarkable alumnus, Don Washburn, whose work as a corporate officer and lawyer at various top levels (including Northwest Airlines and Marriott Co.) has given great pride to his law school.  Then on to Seattle, the beautiful, energetic hub of innovation on the upper west coast.  We joined several alumni at a Thursday reception and a small group of alums for breakfast at Perkins, Coie.  We also stopped by to visit with one of our distinguished judicial alums, the Honorable Richard Tallman of the U.S. Court of Appeals of the 9th Circuit.

Seattle alums are proud of their association with Northwestern Law and embrace the opportunity to welcome new grads (and even not-so-new) grads to this magnificent corner of the U.S.

(And did I mention that the Copper River salmon season was just beginning as we arrived?  If you haven’t enjoyed that delicacy, you are missing out).  

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