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April 16, 2012


Sobering news about law school application decline

by dan rodriguez

The straight scoop here.

This is aggregate information, of course, and it is worth noting that Northwestern Law has seen just a very slight decline this year (in approximately the 4% range) and no decline in the high-end LSAT applicants.  But nothing to crow about.  Next year is a new year and the direction of the trend is clearly downward.  By any measure, the decline is persistent and important and invites serious conversation within the legal academy about how this new reality should (or should not) affect the ways we do business.

Northwestern Law friends and readers of this blog more generally should know by now my commitment to be an active participant in this dialogue.

Comment thread open for thoughts (non-anonymous; constructive) on this applicant-decline news.

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  1. L.W.
    May 2 2012

    I have been enjoying the blog. Thanks for the insider-information about NU Law! It’s been very informative.

    • dan rodriguez
      May 2 2012

      Thank you for the very kind words (and for the readership!).


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