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February 26, 2012

Failing law schools?

by dan rodriguez

Cogent preview of the much-anticipated book by Washington U. law prof.  There will be much to say about this book and I will look forward to contributing to this important debate in the coming weeks and months.

One quick observation:  The dichtomy drawn is between so-called research-oriented and practice-oriented law schools.  The basic claim is that specialization is the best solution for enhancing quality in legal education and curtailing costs.  But why is a rigorous focus on practice and creating competent lawyers at war with facilitating cutting-edge research about contemporary legal problems?  We think we can do both at Northwestern — and, indeed, we develop curricula, create programs, and hire faculty in order to further both aims.  And there are other very fine law schools which aspire likewise.

“Failing Law Schools” will helpfully illuminate these important issues.  And keep an eye on this blog for more commentary by yours truly and other interested (and interesting) folks.

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