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February 16, 2012

Personal Panini Pledge (triple P)

by dan rodriguez

A law student wrote me earlier today expressing frustration about the fact that the credit/debit machine in Harry’s Cafe is occasionally broken and, when so, students without cash handy are unable to purchase their lunch, coffee, or other snacks.  Empathizing with her situation, I quickly extended my personal guarantee to any law student who, stuck at the cash register, wants credit from Harry’s so as to move along with their food in hand.  After extending this promise — which I have taken to calling my personal panini pledge — I immediately worried that this might end up costing me some money if students skipped out on the check and didn’t pay Harry’s (or me) back.

So, I am scrambling to ensure that we can fundraise in an amount adequate to support, hopefully with a generous endowment, this “triple P.”  Please contact the Development office to arrange your substantial financial gift!

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