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February 11, 2012

Civil rights

by dan rodriguez

I have been quite wary of using this blog for comments on an expressly ideological themes.  All respect to my friends and colleagues whose blogs are about politics, public policy, even partisan electoral debates.  But this blog, which is framed around matters of interest to the Northwestern Law School family, as well as interested friends, has a different purpose.

That said, I will break this rule in this instance because, frankly, I cannot help myself.  I am speaking here of the remarkable developments of this past week in recognizing the civil rights of gay and lesbian Americans, first by the decision of U.S. Court of Appeals in California invalidating the voter-approved initiative proscribing same-sex marriage and, second, the passage by the Washington legislature of marriage-equality legislation.  Simple justice, wisely executed through key institutions in our political system.

Having worked a small amount on these legal issues, and having spoken in various venues about the twists-and-turns of the same-sex marriage controversies, I cannot hide my enthusiasm about this small steps toward equal justice and anti-discrimination.  A happy week.

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