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February 5, 2012

Chicago restaurant review (times two)

by dan rodriguez

Friday visit to Wicker Park neighborhood.  Lively, diverse, colorful.  Good find on our part!  Will return for further exploring.  For now, we can say good things about Mirai Sushi at 2020 W. Division St.  Reasonbly snazzy place with various Japanese delicacies on order.  Started with a Sakatini (good drink; bad name).  Lovely wife had a Passion Cucumber drink (or something to that effect).  Met with our approval.

Various menu items later (special acknowledgment of the Tuna carpaccio salad and the spicy octopus roll), we emerged with a very favorable impression of this Chicagoland sushi joint.  By all accounts, Japanese cuisine is a Chicago staple.  We will look forward to adventuring in this direction further.

Saturday visit to the Bayless temple on Clark & Illinois.  I am speaking of the casual arm of the Mexican food bazaar established by the great chef, Rick B.  We were at Xoco.  Outstanding as always.

Although the winter is mild by all accounts, it is chilly enough for our Cali-Texas sensibilities to welcome the steaming Caldo (Mexican) soups on offer.  The special version of the duck Carnitas soup was especially revelatory.  Fantastic place, casual, economical and homey, and we recommend it strongly.

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