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February 3, 2012

Accelerated JD

by dan rodriguez

Here is a text of a memo I distributed to the Northwestern Law community earlier today:

To:       Northwestern Law Community

From:   Daniel Rodriguez

Re:       AJD Program Officially Ratified

I am pleased to report that our faculty voted unanimously to approve the Accelerated JD program as an enduring Northwestern Law program at a meeting earlier this afternoon.

The Accelerated JD program (AJD) is a core initiative of the Law School’s most recent strategic planning process, called Plan 2008.  When that plan was introduced, our faculty agreed to begin the AJD program on an experimental basis subject to a review and vote for final approval after 3 years.   Today, that vote took place and the faculty officially ratified the program, thereby removing the experimental tag.

The AJD program is a key component within the Law School’s ongoing strategy.  It has received significant attention in the press and blogosphere, including this recent article in US News & World Report.  That article, which highlighted three key trends in legal education for 2012, predicted that “a number of leading law schools will follow Northwestern’s lead in the coming months and years.”  As the only program of its kind among top-tier law schools, it serves as one of many important initiatives which continue to mark Northwestern Law as an innovative leader.  As it already has in its early stages, the program attracts excellent students, similar to our traditional three-year program students, whose backgrounds and experiences greatly enrich the overall learning environment and our community.

Students in the AJD program complete the same number of credit hours as three-year JD students in five semesters over the course of two calendar years.  AJD students benefit financially from the reduced opportunity cost associated with re-entering the workforce a year sooner and by foregoing one semester of education-related living expenses.

I look forward to watching this important program flourish over the coming years and I eagerly anticipate the noteworthy accomplishments its students will achieve while here and in their future careers.

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