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January 18, 2012

Restaurant Rec: Slurping Turtle

by dan rodriguez

Yes, that’s what it is called and the name is, well, reasonably self-explanatory.

On a typically chilly Tuesday evening, we ventured out from the cozy walls of downtown apartment to 116 W. Hubbard where we found our way into a banquette in this new, noisy Asian-fusion restaurant.  No reservation policy meant we were chancing it but I guess we looked cold enough to justify seating us immediately.

The menu is eclectic and, as you will see from this link, cuts across a wide swath of Japanese specialities.  We mainly limited out choices on this round to the grilled items and a large bowl of ramen + noodles.  While not a budget restaurant, you can have a pleasant repast for a manageable amount.

Slurping Turtle:  two thumbs up.

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