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January 17, 2012

Employment Transparency and Northwestern Law

by dan rodriguez

This report from the Law School Transparency Project will garner a lot of attention in the coming days, weeks, and months.  Many organizations and interest groups have been pushing law schools hard to provide more comprehensive data on employment opportunities.  Influential legislators have weighed in; and the ABA is undertaking reform efforts as well.

There is really no way around an essential fact:  Law schools need to do better; the difficult economic circumstances require law schools to be candid, thorough, and scrupulous honest in communicating with students and alumni about post-graduate employment.

Without claiming perfection, I will note that the LSTP report reveals that NU Law does the very best among its peer group law schools.  (Check out the appendix spreadsheet).  That said, we will continue our efforts to collect more data and sharpen our communication strategies so as to provide appropriately comprehensive, accessible information to anyone who is interested.

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