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January 14, 2012

Evanston adventures

by dan rodriguez

NU Law School is, in my biased view, the most attractively functional urban law school in the U.S.  It is in the beating heart of Chicago’s downtown, nearby firms, courts, and other pertinent organizations and has a spectacular panorama view of Lake Michigan.

But don’t miss the fact that we have, just up the road a bit, our stellar big sister, and that is the central campus of Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.  Last night, we attended a wonderfully intimate chamber music concert at the Bienen School of Music (with the Bienens, in fact!  Henry Bienen being the former president of the University and his wife, Leigh, a valued colleague in the Law School).  Today, we returned to the campus to see the NU Wildcats upset the Michigan St. Spartans.  There is much to see and much to enjoy in this nifty college town just a few miles up the road.  And the NU campus is home to great theater and music, an appealing art museum, and venues for Big 10 sports.  Students, alumni, and friends of the Law School should take heed.

Moreover, Evanston is quite lovely in the winter.  Chilly Chicagoland is a cliche; the bright snow settling on the parks and lawns of this city is quite a beautiful sight.

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